Heat over a low flame

100% no colorants

Real food, no dyes or preservatives

All our products are made without dyes or preservatives.

We use natural processing and preservation techniques, respectful of the quality of our ingredients and enhancing their healthy properties.

It is real food made with beneficial artisan processes in order to make it safer, durable, and pleasant to the palate, thus making it an easy choice to eat.


Wild Flavours

Fish and shellfish that come straight from the sea in small fishing boats.

Stuffed Txangurro - Chunks and Stuffed Txangurro

Epic Recipes

Soups, Creams, and Stocks simmered over a low flame

Fish soups - Seafood cream - Stocks


Small portions for exploring new flavours

Fish and Seafood Puddings - Txangurro Croquettes and Balls - Peppers stuffed with Txangurro