Stock for fish and shellfish paella

Ingredients: Fish stock (Water, rockfish), Lobster (crustacean), prawns (crustacean), onion, carrot, white wine, leek, bread, fried tomato sauce (tomato, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, and salt), olive oil, and salt.

How to use: Suggestion for preparing a fish and shellfish paella (2 people)

1.- Heat up a tablespoon of oil in a paella pan

2.- Fry the fish and shellfish in the oil, set them aside, and reserve them.

3.- Sauté the rice (150g) in the same oil from the fish and shellfish

4.- Add the Stock for fish and seafood paella and boil the rice for about 20 minutes

5.- 3 minutes before finishing the rice, add the fish and shellfish

6.- Check the salt, let it sit, and serve it

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